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Merry Christmas!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and all the very best for 2012.


Boudoir Shoots

Ever since watching “How to Look Good Naked” I have always fancied doing a sexy, empowering, naked photo-shoot.

The only problem is that, like the majority of women, I have never been happy enough with my body to do it. But recently all of that has changed for two key reasons.... Firstly I have finally realised that despite never being happy with my body at the time (be it at age 16, 21, 35 or any of the ages in between) with retrospect I have been able to look back and realise that it was never as bad as I thought at the time... And, secondly, as I am now pregnant, I have had to face the fact that whatever my concerns might be about my figure now, it is highly likely that my body will never look quite as good as this again!

So the other day, I got the camera out, got the make-up on and got naked! Now I’m not saying it was easy – mainly because I was doing the photos myself so had to use a cuddly toy to focus the shot and then had to start the timer and dash round the bed like a fool in order to throw myself into position, all while attempting to look sexy at the same time.

Despite the challenges, however, (oh and the fact that I hate photographs of myself – part of the reason I prefer to be behind the camera!) I have to say that the photos came out better than I could have hoped for. But before any of you get worried or excited, I will not be publishing the finished results, they will remain for private viewing only but below is a, cropped, taster...

If you fancy giving it a go then I am happy to offer Boudoir Shoots for £150, which includes a dvd of the final images.

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